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The World's first & only patented,
Remote Controlled, Automatic Cot/Crib Rocker
for your baby & YOU !!!


The Lullabub will gently create motion automatically in a harmonic rhythm to naturally soothe and settle babies to sleep.

Four Relaxing motion’s

- mothers womb
- mother’s heartbeat
- drive in the car
- boat on the water

Designed to calm and relax your crying baby & help soothe unsettled babies

Less Stress,
More Sleep
for parents

“A COT in Australia is the same as a CRIB in America”

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Regulatory Compliance Technical Specifications Safety Tips
Cot Leg Without Wheels Australian Compatible Cots
USA Compatible Cribs    

The “Lullabub” consists of four décor designed modules, which are simply placed under each leg of a cot.

The “Lullabub” is an innovative product that will gently rock a cot automatically & unassisted, in a harmonic rhythm to naturally soothe & settle babies to sleep. Helping the parent attend to other duties or catch up on some much needed and well deserved REST.

The features and Benefits of using the “Lullabub” are:-
Feature Benefit

• Automatic Cot Rocker

• Four preset settings
• Automatic Timer setting
• User friendly Remote Control
• A Night Light
• Fits under most new & used cots
• Independent suspension
• Emulates a ride in a car
• Innovative mechanism
• Assistance for tired parents
• Remedy for helping with Colic

Parents/Carers can rest or attend to other duties
To suit your baby’s needs
The Lullabub switches itself off
Ease of operation
For parents and Babies
Not limited to its use
Motion is multi-directional
Motion is soothing
Quiet operation
A helping hand
Soothes and Settles baby

Simply fits under each leg of your new or existing cot.

Click here for installation instructions.

Other significant Benefits we believe to families will indirectly & directly be in a large variety of ways from using the Lullabub system are:
  • More sleep for you & your family
  • Happier family
  • Less arguments amongst couples
  • Less stress, when trying to settle a crying baby ~Less depression
  • Happier partner, to happier workplace, ~Happier children, in a way that they are not listening to their parents argue over who’s attending to the baby in the middle of the night
  • Overall, a happier baby & a happier YOU!!!

Regulatory Electrical Compliance
The Lullabub has the following compliance approvals:
- Australian C – Tick
- European - CE

Cot Leg Without Wheels (PDF)| Cot Leg Sizes (PDF)

Australian Compatible Cots (PDF)


Technical Specifications
The maximum weight the Lullabub pods can hold is 60 kilograms ( 132 lbs) Therefore a cot /crib to be used has to weigh less than 50 Kilograms ( 110 lbs ) To allow your baby to weigh up to10 kilograms. ( 22 lbs )

Please also check the “cot leg size” file attached above and check the weight of your cot/crib Before you order. 

If you have any concerns please email us.


Safety Tips

Click here for correct procedure for installation.
Only use in conjunction with a cot or crib. NOT to be used with a child’s or adult bed.
The Lullabub is NOT a toy, an adult is to operate the Lullabub at all times.
The Lullabub is an assistance product and is NOT a babysitter. Adult supervision is still required, at all times.
Only use the Lullabub with a cot or crib which the measurements of the leg’s are similar to 90mm x 45mm or any combination of measurements lower than these will fit in the Lullabub unit.
If in doubt with any concerns please ring or email your supplier and ask.
All parts contained within Lullabub are RoHS compliant ensuring Lullabub is suitable for sale worldwide.
Lullabub is safe to use around siblings and other young children.
Lullabub is a low voltage device operating with a six volt power supply.
All electronics contained within the Lullabub are protected from being accessed by children who may be outside the cot.
Lullabub prevents a cot from being rocked in excess of five degrees which is half of the maximum ten degrees allowable by the Australian Standards.


Sleep for your Baby & Sleep for YOU!!!
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