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Dr Anthony Clements

  • Formerly: Director, Maternal & Infant Health Department of Health Victoria
  • Formerly: Director of Child Health, Queensland Health
  • Editor: "Infant & Family Health in Australia"
    -a text book for community health workers:
    (Churchill Livingstone 1986, 1992)

Practising General Practitioner

Dr Anthony Clements states, that "After 40 years in medical practice, a large part of which has been spent working in the areas of maternal, infant and child health, I am well acquainted with the problems many young parents experience in establishing satisfactory sleeping patterns for their infants. There are few more distressing and stressful times for these parents than those involving a crying, restless and distressed infant due very often to simply the need for sleep. Unfortunately this type of stress within the family can and does all too frequently develop into extreme family dysfunction and child abuse. Any assistance that young parents can receive in averting such tragic developments is to be welcomed and Mr. Mitchell is to be commended for his initiative and foresight in seeking to produce a cot appliance which will help soothe and pacify young infants whose principal need is for sleep".

Parent Testimonials

Hi Chris

I rang you this morning to thank you, thank you thank you for your wonderful invention and I just had to send an email as well.

When I saw the “Lullabub” on “The New Inventors” I knew it was a brilliant idea. However now that I have the “Lullabub” in my home, I know that you are a genius! My daughter was 8 months old when I rented the “Lullabub” and she had been waking up to 10 times a night. It took my daughter 3 weeks to get use to the product (just as you had stated). Initially she thought I had provided her with a jumping castle and enjoyed rocking her cot as hard as possible, while she giggled. Now, when it is bedtime, I put the “Lullabub” on car mode (her favourite) and lay her down in the cot. Instead of screaming or crying uncontrollably, which use to be the norm, she rolls on her side and is rocked off to sleep.

My absolute favourite inclusion is the remote control. When I hear my daughter stirring during the night (I am an extremely light sleeper), I press the remote control button, with my eyes still closed, and she is magically rocked back to sleep. Last night she stirred 4 times and instead of waking up screaming, she was rocked back to sleep each time. She is now sleeping up to 11 hours straight!!!

As I mentioned to you on the phone, I am a qualified Human Services Worker and have seen numerous abused and shaken babies. I truly believe the “Lullabub” should be provided to each parent when they receive their Baby Bonus from the Government. I believe the “Lullabub” has the potential to save those babies who would otherwise be abused by exhausted and confused parents who are desperate for sleep.

I intend to tell every parent, mother and pregnant woman I meet about the miraculous “Lullabub”. When people visit our home, I always point it out and inform everyone it has saved my sanity.

I truly thank you for providing me with sleep again!

I wish you all the luck in the world with your invention and will be very surprised if I don’t see it as standard on every cot in the future.

Thank you

Belinda Norrie and family


Thank you so much for your sensational customer service. After using the unit I recommended it to two friends who had unsettled bubs and they also purchased the Lullabub and love it.

Personally I feel it is a must for any household with babies and plan to recommend it when I start teaching birthing classes next year

Lisa Kim


We installed our Lullabub Thursday night and it works a treat. Bub woke a couple of times that night - once I was able to use the Lullabub and nothing else, the other time I fed him and put him back in and sent him off with it. Last night we went cold turkey on the wrapping - the Lullabub definitely helped us get over that hurdle. I've already managed to reduce the need to take him out of the cot to settle - Its much easier now that I can jiggle him without getting him up. Great invention! Night two of no wrapping - just put him to bed with the lullubub on , no crying, just a little whinge, settled on his own after 10 min - just had to go in quickly to give him his dummy and tuck him in. Love it!

Tracey – Essential Baby Forums web site.


Anita Martin
Hi, My husband and I just wanted to send you a quick email to say THANKYOU for this amazing product! Our beautiful baby girl Sienna would only sleep for two hours maximum but it was usually more like hourly sleeps, I was exhausted. A friend mentioned your product they had seen recently on the TV show the New Inventers and I jumped on the web and ordered one the next day. Since then we haven’t looked back, she loves it! I feel like a different person! I haven’t stopped singing your praises since she started sleeping with the help of the lullabub.

Thanks for giving me my sanity back!!!


I absolutely love my cot rocker! It has given me the freedom to spend more time with my toddler instead of constantly holding my newborn. Great product!

Kind regards,


Laura McNicol
" Hi Christopher, ITS FANTASTIC!!!! My little boy has a terrible time with colic so sometimes mid feed and i put him in his cot just for a little "lullabubedness" and then pick him up and its burp city! - he’s a much happier infant now. Also, the sleep factor is great - he is now sleeping through the night. Thanks for the great product and feel free to use this as a testimonial."


Zak, Kym, Luka & Ava Marenjak
Christopher, Congrats! You have produced the “mothers milk” of all nursery essentials.

I brought Ava Rose home from hospital and she was given her first “Lullabub” experience. Wow! The mother’s womb worked wonders and sometimes she gets the “car” rhythm experience – both of which put her into dream land.

I have a happy baby and with the extra time I have to sleep instead of rocking Ava myself, I actually feel human again. 

Thank you very much, this is an exceptional product!


Anne Sweeney
"We are so happy with the Lullabub. Ben has been sleeping so well since we have started using it. He has 3 day sleeps and a 12 hour night sleep. He is usually up once in the night, though lately has been sleeping through (yee-ha!) about twice a week. We use the Lullabub for all his sleeps, day & night and he grizzles for a grand total of about 3 minutes each time we put him down before going off to sleep. It's been particularly good since I have recently returned to work and Simon has been looking after Ben in the daytime. I used to use breastfeeding to settle Ben, which is not possible when I'm at work. The Lullabub is an excellent "boob" replacement and comforter. Ben doesn't use a dummy.

Simon is playing in "The Boy from Oz" with Hugh Jackman and so he is Daddy Daycaring in the daytime and gigging at night. Sleep is the new sex!"


Hi Chris,

Thank you for a great product!

Kelsey she is my second child and all she wanted was to be rocked to sleep all the time. A friend told me about this product that makes the cot rock in 4 different motions. So I asked my husband if I could get one!

When I came home and told him the price he was a bit surprised. But when Kelsey had slept through the night, He then told me it was money well spent!!! I think so to as it's easy to install and I have more time through out the day for my 2 year old son.

You are a wonderful man and it's a fantastic product.

Many Thanks and happy sleeps from the Gow family.


I just wanted to write and tell you how the Lullabub is going. Baden only went into the cot at five and a half months, he was in the bassinette before that, and he has always been a good little sleeper but the Lullabub makes the transition from my arms to the cot so easy!!

I am still breastfeeding so I usually feed him to sleep and then put him in the cot. I put the Lullabub on and put him in and he will stir a bit and then go straight back to sleep and stay asleep. Without the Lullabub on he will wake up and start whingeing and the whole thing has to start over.

so obviously we LOVE it!! Thank you so much, I am a HUGE fan of it and will probably put my next baby in the cot much sooner so we can use it sooner.

And I LOVE the nightlight on it. What a great idea. Bubby still wakes during the night so I can see him to get him out of the cot without waking Steve up.

BIG BIG fan of this invention!!! HUGE!! lol!!

So thank you very much and please pass on my personal congratulations to Chris for being so bloody clever.


Hello and well done to you for making such a wonderful invention. My daughter has given my husband and I countless hours of sleepless nights and after buying a Lullabub we are now getting 6 hours a night of uninterrupted blissful sleep. This is fantastic considering I was getting up to her about 9 times a night for the last 4.5 months. I ummed and arred over purchasing this product because of the cost but after setting it up which was extremely easy I know that I should have just spent the money as it is worth every cent after all what is the price of a good nights rest.

I am most impressed with the 4 different settings especially the boat rocking setting as my baby loves the hard and fast rocking motion that usually only the pram can provide I recommend your product to all my friends even the women at the new babies group I go to, said that they have seen it advertised in the Parenting magazine. I saw your product on one of the current affairs programs and it was the best advertising you ever did.

From the bottom of my heart I send you my warm wishes and thank you for giving me my sanity back.

Regards Jacinta, Craig and Ainsley Hook


A snapshot of the iParenting media Award judges response to the Lullabub

*..I think that this product is a great idea. I have a bassinet that rocks and a bouncy chair that vibrates, never did I think that I could get my crib to do the same. I think that this is a great product that will help to settle infants and make parents happier too. I also like the remote control.

*..Gently creates an automatic motion which naturally soothed and settled my baby to sleep. Four relaxing motions, mother’s womb, heartbeat, drive in a car and a boat on the water. The Lullabub was easy to use and safe. I was able to rock the cot manually.

*..THE positive characteristic’s of this product is that it could be a great answer to parents who are at their wits end with a baby who will not sleep. This is a way to actually allow baby to sleep in their crib with the soothing motions they enjoy, rather than resorting putting them in a swing or bouncy seat. It was easy to use and offered the four different settings that were very subtle. I also liked the remote control feature.

The Lullabub is a remote controlled, automatic crib rocker for babies.. and their parents. No, you can't get in the crib with your baby but you will get more rest and more done in general when you have a Lullabub.
The “Lullabub” consists of four décor designed modules, which are simply placed under each leg of a cot.

The Lullabub simulates four relaxing motions including the mother's womb, mother’s heartbeat, drive in the car, or a boat on the water. Each motion is very soothing. When I put Madelyn's Lullabub on the "car" setting and cover her with her blanket, she rolls her eyes in the back of her head and lulls off to sleep.

Tim, my husband, loves the Lullabub as much as I do for reasons that I wouldn't have thought of... the Lullabub raises the height of the crib just enough to make it easier to reach baby without bending over if you are on the taller side. We both love the remote control activation which makes it easy for us to start the Lullabub when Madelyn gets fussy without her seeing us. The remote control can be attached to the wall for easy access.

I was amazed at how easy the Lullabub was to install. We have a standard American crib for Madelyn and all I had to do was hold the crib up, one side at a time, so I could place each Lullabub piece under a leg.
Our Nanny was thrilled when she gently leaned on the crib one day and it rocked! Not only does the Lullabub have pre-set automatic settings but you can rock it yourself with the touch of a finger. Madelyn loves it when we rock her in her crib!

The Lullabub uses a standard outlet and the remote control uses AA batteries. Besides all of the above great features of the Lullabub.. I LOVE the fact that it doesn't make ANY noise! Really!!

The following statements are comments from parents at the recent Parents, Babies and children’s Expo in Brisbane and Melbourne. www.pbcexpo.com.au where we displayed the Lullabub to the public for the very first time.

Leanne & Mike Ryder
“Amazing, that really feels quite soothing.”

Andrea Francis
"Oh my God, I have got to have one. When is it available?”

Jamie Wills
“I am getting sleepy just looking at it, it looks so soothing.”

Belinda Ferguson
“I have twins & believe me, this Lullabub thing is just what I need, you try settling two babies down at the same time.”

Karryn Shears
“Excuse me, what is a lullabub?.... …….Oh, look Geoff, its rocking the cot on its own. That is so cool”

Julie Wilson
“I wish this was available when my kids were babies, ohh the time and money I could of saved with driving around at all hours of the day and night just to get my little ones to sleep.”

Trina Nowlan
“Finally, I can have some ME time” “where can I get one.”


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