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Not sure your baby will like the Lullabub?

We now offer a great rental service so that you can use the Lullabub for short time or as long as you want to.

From as little as $1.10 a day plus p&h.

It’s very easy!

All we ask, is that you purchase the Lullabub as a security deposit and if you decide you don’t need the Lullabub anymore, simply send the Lullabub back to us (Reply Paid = meaning we will pay for the return postage) and we will refund you the amount owing to you, less the rental of service at $1.10 a day and the Initial p & h.

You will only pay $1.10 per day plus a once only initial payment for postage and handling of $39.90.

So to make it easy for you.

If you were to use the Lullabub for 30 days (1 Month) and then return it to us, it will only cost you:

$1.10 a day x 30 days = $33
Plus Once only payment of $39.90 postage & handling

For 60 days (2 months)
$1.10 a day x 60 days = $66
Plus once only payment of $39.90 postage & handling  

For 90 days (3 months)
$1.10 a day x 90 days = $99
Plus once only payment of $39.90 postage & handling

We will deduct the amount charge for rent off the initial security payment you make and we will reimburse the difference to you.

Our terms and conditions are:

  • Minimum rental is 30 days (1 month), after that, you can rent the Lullabub for as long as you like.
  • Rental is $1.10 per day, plus an initial payment of $39.90 postage & handling
  • A security payment of $249 will be paid up front before the Lullabub will be sent to you
  • If you do choose to send the Lullabub back to us, then it must be returned to us in the same great condition it was delivered to you in.
  • ALL parts including plastic bags, and box must be returned.
  • If any parts are missing we will deduct the cost of replacing the missing part from your security deposit.
  • You understand that you are renting a Lullabub unit and that whilst you have the Lullabub unit in your care you are the owners of the Lullabub.
  • You understand that you are renting the Lullabub and understand it may not be a brand new unit as it may have been rented out before you.
  • The Lullabub will be cleaned on every return, so to be assured you will receive a sanitized clean Lullabub set.
  • We understand the postal system may take 2 days to deliver to you and return to us the Lullabub so we shall give a four days rent free for postal time lost.
  • If you decide after any amount of time that you want to keep the Lullabub, You Can! As your security deposit is the full price of the Lullabub.
  • If you rent the Lullabub for more than 249 days you may also keep the Lullabub or return it to us if you wish
  • We will send your refund to you either via Pay pal or by Cheque to your postal address.
Lullabub Rental Order $249.00
I agree to the rental Terms & Conditions.
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